big. bold. masterfully crafted.

Red Wines 

Desagace´ Carmin

So exceptional, it won a medal before it was officially released! It is balanced with a peppery finish that promotes the dark fruit. Intriguing notes of red fruits, mahogany, black pepper, dried currant, earthy spice with hints of vanilla.


This elegant blend is loaded with bold aromas of violets, sweet black cherries, toasty oak, and spice. There is depth and dimension on the palate, offering rich, layered black fruit flavors interwoven with nuances of blueberry, pomegranate, vanilla and sweet tobacco. A velvety texture is framed by sturdy yet supple tannins on the finish.

Coup de Foudre

Coup de Foudre is French for Love at First Sight (literally lightning strike). This Red Blend reveals an aromatic nose of anise and dark cherries, white pepper with fig, plum, and smoky oak flavors on the palate. Excellent ripeness and roundness in the mouth converge into a lengthy finish in this wine. 

Somewhere in Love

With dark bramble followed by spice and a tobacco-like smoky finish, it’s has smooth tannins and flavors of deep cherry, dried plum, clove, anise, smoke and earth. Somewhere in Love is a song by Brushville and another stellar vintage from our WineRocks series.

W. Sullivan Syrah

This limited release, single varietal Syrah is dedicated to our winemaker’s father, William Sullivan, to honor his stewardship to our farm. Freshly cracked black peppercorn was the predominant note during crush and it has continued to entice us as the wine has developed more complexity; silky dark berry flavours. toffee and leather notes, roasted meat and hint of savory herbs.


It is juicy with silky palate-caressing cherry flavors that become spicier with air. It reminds me of the smells in Michigan, near the cherry orchards; hence the name “Cerise” (French for cherry). Notes of fig supported by black tea, earth and a little bit of toast. Spicy accents of orange peel, pomegranate, violet, and anise carry through to the finish.

Carmin After Dark

This small batch Cabernet Franc leaps from the glass with notes of caramel, dark cherry, blackberry, brown sugar, milk chocolate, and sweet spice flavor.  Secondary aging in a Four Roses bourbon barrel results in a whole new level of depth, flavor and smoky intensity that is framed by soft, chewy tannins from our Cabernet Franc grapes.


A red blend with a concentrated beam of bold cassis and dark black cherry, ​interwoven with anise, earthy warmth, coffee and tobacco. The acidity on the mid-palate, ​reveals underpinnings of herbs and mineral spice that endure on dark berry notes. ​An infusion of baker’s chocolate and gripping tannins line the long finish. ​This wine is a collaboration with SIU School of Medicine.

soft. mellow. passionately crafted.

White Wines


This wine was fermented and aged in stainless steel. The aromas bring pure notes of apple, just-ripe Asian pear and a flash of sweet butter on the nose. The palate offers citrus and creamed-apple flavors; silken in feel, yet balanced by driving acidity. It’s lively, fruity and ready to drink. Pairs: seafoods, Comté and Gruyere.

Angel Moon 2016

Our 2016 AngelMoon is an off-dry Gewürztraminer with intense floral overtones. Style: Fruity, Juicy & Smooth, Quaffable; dried apricot, mealy apple, peach skin, and limestone. Unfiltered & unfined to retain the purity of the fruit, mouthfeel, & aroma.


Apple, pear and honey notes and to enhance the honeysuckle & violet nose. You will also pick up a hint of apricot and mineral in the end for easy drinking. This wine was finished in a Moscato-style.

Angel Moon 2017

Our 2017 AngelMoon is a dry Gewürztraminer with passionate aromas of lychee, rosewater, ginger, grapefruit, and a touch of brightness. Finished in Alsatian style, it starts with a leanness on the palate and grows softer as the wine lingers, laying gently on the tongue and ending with a luscious mouthfeel that clings deliciously on the finish. Pairings: Think exotic.


Shine is a semi-dry riesling, dazzling your eyes with edible glitter while delighting your palate with flavors of nectar, apples and peaches; the nose is balanced with the aroma of meyer lemons and grilled pineapple. Shine is another radiant vintage from our WineRocks series, inspired by the beautiful feel-good song by Ghost Town Blues Band.

Light of the Moon

Our new vintage Light of the Moon is meant to pair with the Texas Groove sounds of Midnight River Choir. It is fresh and crisp with sweet, but balanced, fruity tartness, enhancing the floral and citrus aromatic aspects of the grapes. You will find orange peel, bright fruit, melon, rose, restrained sweetness on the mid palate with a crisp finish.


Vidal Blanc blend; Pleasant whiffs of lychee and orange blossom accent green pear and golden apple. Fresh acidity on the midpalate lends zip to a bright finish of hay and powdered ginger. Pair: shellfish, seafood, sushi, pork dishes, spicy Asian dishes, soft cheeses (such as Munster). It’s ideal as an aperitif. Label by Erica Melcher, local Jacksonville artist 

Muse De Ceres

This fruity and intriguing rosé finishes dry and crisp with hints of citrus, raspberries, peaches and lovely floral notes.


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